Pony Trail Farm

Dzimianski's ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats and 
AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs


Bernese Mountain Dogs are relatively new to Pony Trail Farm, and serve a different purpose than the Great Pyrenees. Also a "gentle giant" guardian breed, Berners have a history of being an all-purpose farm dog which enjoys having a "job", whether it be to accompany people during chores, pull a cart, compete, or simply faithfully guard their family. That said, they could never replace Great Pyrenees as livestock/pasture guardians, as they are very much people-oriented and have a driving need to be close to their family.   

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs receive OFA evaluations to reduce the likelihood of dysplasia in offspring. They are currently health-tested with GenSol Diagnostics for Von Willebrand Disease (vWD) and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM SOD1A, SOD1B). Our breeding dogs (thus future litters) are not Affected/At Risk for either.  

Puppies will not have dewclaws removed, as there is no proven medical reason to do so, and there are risks associated with the removal of normal dewclaws. While AKC breed standards permit removal, the presence of dewclaws is not an AKC disqualification.  See more information about the function of dewclaws here.

It is our goal to improve the longevity and overall health of the breed while maintaining personality and quality.  Our dogs are listed in the BernerGarde Database, which is an excellent tool to verify health certifications and see pedigrees. 

The Bernese Mountain Dog program at Pony Trail Farm is separate from the Great Pyrenees program and dogs are owned by a different family member. Due to inherent differences in the breeds, the Puppy Purchase Agreement will also differ from that of Great Pyrenees. Pups will be available with pet license (Limited Registration) only to most applicants. Contact information is on the left side of the page, or you may contact us here. 

Whispering Cove Sam-I-Am

Sam is the embodiment of everything one might expect in a Berner personality. He is wonderful with children, a gentleman on the leash, and good around other dogs and farm animals.  He is a dedicated watchdog, and, while willing to meet friendly strangers if introduced, will keep an eye on things to ensure the safety of his human family. He comes from show and champion bloodlines, and carries himself like a show dog. He is of average size and weight for the breed. He is too young for OFA certification, but received a preliminary "GOOD" score for hips.

BernerGarde Dog ID# 213185

Ever-Faithful Sasha Rae

Sasha is the ultimate "velcro dog" and people pleaser, which makes her quick to learn new commands. Sasha comes from farm & family pet bloodlines. She averages about 85 lbs. Sasha received an OFA score of "NORMAL" for Shoulders, Elbows, Cardiac, and Patellas, and "GOOD" for hips. We expect her first litter mid-June 2023.

BernerGarde Dog ID# 212980

Ever-Faithful Sophie Mae

Sophie is full sister to Sasha. She loves to play and is highly motivated by tennis ball toys. She has a slightly higher energy level than the others, but with training it is easily directed to positive use. She weighs just over 80 lbs.  Sophie received an OFA score of "NORMAL" for Shoulders, Elbows, Cardiac, and Patellas, and "GOOD" for hips. We expect her first litter in Winter 2023.

BernerGarde Dog ID# 212981