Pony Trail Farm

Dzimianski's ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats and 
AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs


OFA and Embark tested breeding stock to ensure soundness and health 

See Current Litters for information on available puppies, and Terms of Sale for information on pricing and health warranty.  See photo gallery for pictures of previous litters. 

Contact us if you are interested in a pup or want to be on our waiting list, and be sure to include your email address. 

 Here at Pony Trail Farm, we utilize the talents of Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect our valuable herd of goats. Livestock Guardian dogs have a unique skill set that is inborn.  Some are better than others at their job.  Many show dog breeders label and sell their culls as livestock guardians, but neither the parents nor the pups have ever seen livestock!  We recommend that if you are looking for a guardian dog for farm or home, that you purchase one from working parents so that there is a history of the correct temperament for the job.  Our Pyrs instinctively guard the herd, and have been with the goats from the time that they were puppies.   We offer a health guarantee as well as a return policy on puppies. All puppies are given their first vaccinations and worming prior to sale, and will be microchipped. 

E-mail us for information about puppies currently available or to be put on waiting list.
 Email us at: ponytrailfarm@gmail.com, text (706) 461-3956,  or call 706-546-8520.
We are located in Jackson County in northeast Georgia, near Athens, and can ship via Delta from the Atlanta airport.  Our breeding program focuses on AKC registered dogs with soundness of body and mind, and we use OFA and Embark testing to that end. Our sire Charlemagne has been DNA identified and carries the line of our original dogs.  Our goal is to have all breeding stock OFA certified Good or Excellent on hips, and also normal in shoulders, elbows, and knees.  We select for dogs who will have long productive lives as livestock or family guardians.  We are selecting those with a very strong bonding instinct and loyalty to the herd.  We do not show, but focus on producing strong, healthy, dependable working dogs that will give many years of service.  An outstanding guardian is worth his weight in gold to the farmer, and we are proud to say (and hope we will always be able to say) that we have never lost a goat to predators in the nineteen years of having Pyrenees and goats.  We live in a coyote and feral-dog haven, so are very grateful to our faithful watchers of the night.  On the other hand, these dogs also have to be gentle as babes with our newborn animals and with the many children who frequent our farm.

Charlemagne of Pony Trail Farm

"Charlie" was born and raised on Pony Trail Farm, son of Blossom and Pooh Bear.  He inherited Pooh's loving disposition towards people, and is a faithful guardian.  Charlie is the current sire to most of our litters.  Charlie was Xrayed for OFA, and scored "EXCELLENT" on hips, "Normal" on shoulders and elbows.  He stays lean and muscular from activity. He is about 115 lbs.  While Embark tested "Clear" for most genetic health issues, Charlie tested "Carrier" (Not Affected) for CMR1. He is paired with females who are "Clear" for the condition in order to produce unaffected litters. 

Alexis of Pony Trail Farm

"Lexie" is a solid white female with generations of working dogs in her pedigree.  She is everything we could wish for in a livestock guardian, with a protective yet docile temperament.  Lexie is OFA "GOOD" on hips, "NORMAL" on shoulders and elbows.  She is Embark tested "CLEAR" for genetic health issues common to Great Pyrenees As expected, she stays lean from following the goats around the pasture.

Victoria of Pony Trail Farm

Victoria is the daughter of Charlie and Isabella. She looks like a younger version of her mom, including the same bold "eyeliner" and coloring on the ears.  She has a sweet personality, is excellent with goats and has good manners with children. She is Embark tested "CLEAR" for genetic health issues common to Great Pyrenees.  Victoria is OFA "GOOD" on hips, "NORMAL" on shoulders and elbows.  She will be paired with Roger, and we expect her first litter in Summer/Fall 2023.  

Maggie of Pony Trail Farm

Maggie is solid white, and daughter of Charlie and Andorra, and inherited the best conformation traits from each.  She has an outgoing and cheerful personality and is another excellent livestock guardian.  Maggie has OFA "GOOD" on hips and "NORMAL" on shoulders, elbows, patella, and cardiac exam. While Embark tested "Clear" for most genetic health issues, Maggie tested "Carrier" (Not Affected) for CMR1 and DM. She will only be paired with a "Clear" male in order to produce litters that are not At Risk/Affected for either condition.  We expect her first litter in 2023.  

Valhalla's Roger of Pony Trail Farm

Roger comes from a combination of working livestock guardians and champion show lines. He has proven himself to be a dedicated livestock guardian, and has a wonderful temperament, both with people and animals. He has badger markings. He is Embark DNA tested "CLEAR" for genetic health issues common to Great Pyrenees.  He is too young for OFA certification, but his parents are both OFA "GOOD" for hips, and his offspring will carry the same orthopedic warranty as Charlie's pups. He will be paired with Victoria and Maggie.

Isabella of Pony Trail Farm - RETIRED

Isabella also came to Pony Trail Farm as a puppy, and takes her job as a guardian very seriously.  She enjoys walking with the goats out to pasture in the morning and escorting them back to the barn in the afternoon.  Isabella is the "taller" style of Great Pyrenees, but still has beautiful Pyr characteristics, including a nice head.  She also is sweet towards people.  Isabella had her OFA Xrays done at two years of age, and is OFA "GOOD" on hips and "NORMAL" on shoulders and elbows. She tested "Clear" for DM and CMR1. She is the biggest of our females at about 120 lbs.
She has been retired from our breeding program.

Our Young Pyrs

Cheyenne of Pony Trail Farm

Cheyenne was born June 9, 2022, and is daughter of Charlie and Lexie.  She has strong guardian instincts, and has inherited Charlie's broad head. She has badger markings.  Cheyenne is DNA "CLEAR" for diseases tested by Embark. 

Ruby of Pony Trail Farm

Ruby was born June 9, 2022, and is daughter of Charlie and Lexie.  She has strong guardian instincts, and has a refined, feminine appearance. She is solid white.  Ruby is DNA "CLEAR" for diseases tested by Embark. 


Pooh Bear of Pony Trail Farm

Pooh Bear was a beautiful dog, taking after both his dam (Faithful) and sire (Wolf).  He sadly passed away this year, leaving his legacy to his son Charlemagne. He looked like the male version of his mother and he had her loving temperament.  He was OFA "GOOD" on hips and , "NORMAL" on shoulders and elbows. 
DOB: July 13, 2008 
AKC Reg # WS26994904                    www.akc.org     
OFA Number GP-5451G30M-VPI      www.offa.org

Blossom of Pony Trail Farm

Blossom came to us at a year of age with her sister Holly.  They had been acquired by another farm for guardian and breeding purposes, but the farm closed down, so they were offered to us at Pony Trail Farm.  Blossom is the alpha female of the pack, a very sweet and energetic girl who does well with the goats and ponies.  She took awhile, but has come out of her shyness towards people and is very loving and affectionate to the family.  She has a beautiful doggy "grin" that I hope to catch on camera some day!  Thankfully it has not occurred to her to try to escape when she is in the pasture with the livestock, and she seems content to be livestock guardian instead of family pet.   Blossom was Xrayed for OFA, and we are proud to say that she passed with flying colors!  She is OFA "GOOD" on hips and "NORMAL" on shoulders and elbows.  She is about 26 inches at the withers, and stays between 85 and 90 pounds.   Because she is an active working dog, she stays lean and muscular.  Like all our animals, she is current on vaccines and parasite control.   She is retiring this year from breeding but is still a strong, healthy, confident and structurally sound guardian.  
AKC # WS32093802                  DOB 11-22-09
Wolf is our all-time favorite male and passed away at the age of 12 years, still running his perimeter to the end.  He was an excellent guardian, and no matter what the circumstance, the goats were his first duty.  We see these desirable traits of faithfulness and duty transmitted to his offspring.  He weighed about 125 lbs and was about 30 inches at the withers.  He was the most dedicated of our LGD's.  He had that beautiful broad Pyr head that we love, and a strong constitution.  He is the sire of Pooh Bear so his genetics continue. 
DOB: December 2002
AKC # WS02649602       DNA #V330469
OFA Elbow # GP-EL380M47-PI

Fun Pictures

Puppy Pile

First Meal of Puppy Chow


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