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Plush Saanen


This hand crafted Saanen Dairy Goat is made from plush felt and firmly filled with polyester stuffing. It is machine and hand sewn, has an udder and collar, and also features thread eyes and mouth. Its dimensions are proportional and it is made to look as realistic as possible, meeting ADGA scorecard standards. It measures 11.5" long and 7.5" tall.

With this stuffed dairy goat you can enjoy having a cute goat around without all the work!


Shipping/Handling Times: All plush animals are handmade as order is received. PLEASE ALLOW 5-10 BUSINESS DAYS for item to be handcrafted before shipping. Will be shipped USPS Priority within 2 weeks of purchase.

Returns: If buyer is not satisfied with this product it may be returned. Buyer pays return shipping. Cost of stuffed goat, minus shipping, will be refunded.




Warranty: If when used strictly as intended (display), any part comes unsewn (bridle/collar excluded) within one year of purchase date, the stuffed animal may be returned for repair and will be fixed at no extra charge. Shipping costs will be split between buyer and seller. Although the design is fairly child-proof, we cannot not do free repairs/pay shipping costs if treated roughly as a toy or put through the washing machine.

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