Pony Trail Farm

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AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs


AKC Bernese Mountain Dog pups will generally be sold with pet license only (Limited Registration, no breeding rights). 

- Limited Registration price: $2500; deposit: $300

Select pups may occasionally be available with AKC Full Registration to qualified experienced applicants.  

- Full Registration price: $3000; deposit: $500

Please see the general terms of sale, and refer to the SAMPLE Puppy Purchase Agreement at the bottom of the page. For more information about expected litters or to apply our waitlist, please contact us at ponytrailberners@gmail.com

SPECIFIC PUPPIES WILL ONLY BE HELD AFTER WE RECEIVE A DEPOSIT.  Promises of payment are not sufficient to reserve puppies of your chosen gender. If you are mailing a check, we cannot promise that your preferred puppy will still be available when check is cleared, but you will get a puppy of your chosen gender if check is received within 5 days of the agreement.  PAYPAL is the preferred method of deposit, and we expect cash for the full balance at time of pickup.  Puppies being shipped can be paid in full via PayPal or a personal check mailed three weeks before ship date.  A Puppy Purchase Agreement will be returned immediately upon receipt of payment and Buyer's name, address, phone number, and email. To use Paypal, go to https://www.paypal.com/home, and send payment to ponytrailberners@gmail.com. If you have an account, you can login; if not, just click "send money" and it will direct you to credit card payment.  PLEASE EMAIL BEFORE SENDING A DEPOSIT TO BE SURE A PUPPY IS AVAILABLE. 

DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE except in case of an injury or illness of your selected puppy before pickup.  If no replacements are available from the same litter, your deposit will be moved to the next available litter, or you may get a refund if there is a physical problem with the pup.   If you simply change your mind regarding a puppy purchase for any reason and notify us before the pup reaches 6 weeks of age, you may bump your deposit to the next available litter (within 1 calendar year) or forfeit the deposit.   

PUPS ARE ASSIGNED OR SELECTED BETWEEN 3-5 weeks of age, after they have begun to show personality traits. While we take into consideration your color preference, we reserve the right to select the best fit for your situation and purposes or advise your choice if there are more than one that may be a good fit. Pups will be assigned or selected in order of FULL REGISTRATION deposits received, followed by Limited Registration deposits. We will communicate via email when it is time to assign or select your pup. If buyer fails to respond within 24 hours, a pup will be ASSIGNED TO BUYER BY BREEDER, and we will move on to the next in line.  

PUPS BEGIN THE BONDING PERIOD AT 8 WEEKS OF AGE, and should be picked up as close to this date as possible. Pups picked up at 9 weeks of age or later will incur a fee of $50 per week to cover extra vaccines, deworming, food, and care. Pup must be paid in full by 9 weeks of age if pickup is delayed. Seller will NOT house train or obedience train due to the demands of a busy farm. 


Ideally, the pup should be picked up in person. This allows you to meet us, see your pup's relatives, and get to know your pup while they are still in a familiar environment. We are located in ZIP 30565. If you are unable to pick up, we are able to arrange transportation at 8 weeks of age, provided price of puppy AND transport is paid in full in advance. Cost for transportation by AIRLINE varies, but it will include transportation fee to the airport, plus Air Cargo fare for airline shipping, plus cost of crate (shipping estimate total $600-800 depending on puppy weight and crate size).  Health certificate will be provided.  We can also deliver by car for $2.00 per one-way mile within 300 miles (must pay minimum of $100).

Any pups held after purchase beyond 9 weeks of age must be paid in full and will be charged an additional $50 per week, to include extra vaccines, deworming, food & farm training.   We will not house train or crate train pups due to busy schedule of farm.


Shots & treatment needed:

2 weeks - deworm

4 weeks - deworm

6 weeks - Distemper, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, and Hepatitis; Fecal exam, Deworm

9 weeks - Distemper, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, and Hepatitis,  Fecal or Deworm; start Heartworm prevention and flea control

12 weeks - Distemper, Parvovirus,  Leptospirosis, and Hepatitis; Kennel Cough Vaccine, Rabies, Optional Influenza & Lyme vaccines, Deworm

15 weeks - Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, and Hepatitis, Optional Influenza & Lyme vaccines, Deworm

  • Spays & Neuters on giant breed dogs should be delayed until 18 months of age for proper bone growth.  Females will generally come in heat at 10-12 months. Care should be taken to note vulva size, as early spay can also lead to recessed vulva and its associated problems
  • Pups have been fed Purina Puppy Chow for large breeds. Feed young pups 3 times daily until 4 months, then twice daily.  DO NOT OVERFEED as excess can lead to orthopedic problems. 
  • Under no circumstances will we pay veterinary expenses after the pup leaves our farm.  If your pup is found to be ill within the warranty period for a covered condition, pup should be returned for refund (within 3 days) or exchange.  If you choose to keep puppy with problem, you assume all financial responsibility and negate health guarantee for that condition.
    • 3 day money-back health guarantee, in which purchase price including deposit (not transport) will be refunded if pre-existing infectious or congenital conditions is diagnosed and pup is returned within 3 business days from delivery.  Buyer may also choose to exchange for another pup, if available.
    • First Available Replacement Puppy will be provided for genetic or congenital defect that inhibits normal function diagnosed within 1 year, and hip dysplasia diagnosed by 2 years of age (through OFA or PennHip evaluation) with return of pet or death due to genetic condition (with veterinary statement).
    • We do NOT guarantee show conformation, performance or ability. 
    • Puppies will not have dewclaws removed, as there is no proven medical reason to do so, and there are risks associated with the removal of normal dewclaws. While AKC breed standards permit removal, the presence of dewclaws is not an AKC disqualification. 
  • Assuming purchase at 8 weeks of age, an OFA or equivalent exam should be done at 2 years of age if warranty conditions are desired. OFA guarantee expires at that time. Preliminary readings are acceptable. EARLY SPAY OR NEUTER BEFORE 18 MONTHS OF AGE WILL VOID WARRANTY OF ORTHOPEDIC PROBLEMS.   EXCESSIVE CRATING (more than three hours during daytime hours) WILL ALSO VOID THE ORTHOPEDIC WARRANTY DUE TO ADVERSE EFFECT ON LONG BONE DEVELOPMENT.
  • Medical reasons for return must have veterinarian's statement. Parasite control and nutritional needs require ongoing care, and warranty does not cover preventable diseases after 3 days. Pups will be dewormed frequently before leaving, and fecals done, but they do originate from a farm with many species of domestic and wild animals. A parasite-free pup is desired but not guaranteed due to exposure of farm environment.  Pups are not fully protected from infectious disease until vaccine series is complete, so care should be taken not to expose pups in public places (dog parks, public walkways, beaches, groomers, vet offices, etc), and vaccines should be done in a timely manner.
  • A NOTE ABOUT "RUNTS"! Many people are afraid to choose the smaller puppies of the litter, thinking that the young puppy size reflects mature weight. That is generally not true - unless there is some sort of birth defect causing poor growth which would be found on veterinary physical exam. It is important to understand "gestational age". The females are in heat for about 3 weeks, and are fertile during the middle part of the cycle. They continue to ovulate all during the fertile part of the cycle, about ten days. If bred more than once during the fertile time, puppies are conceived at different times and there may be as much as 10 days difference in actual age of the pups at time delivery. Sperm can also live in the reproductive tract for up to five days, so can fertilize eggs even if no further breedings occur. The most important thing to note is that the puppies are all growing at the same RATE, i.e. Puppy #10 should weigh the same thing at week 3 that Puppy #2 weighed at 2 weeks of age, and the growth curve continually goes up at a steady rate. We have never yet seen our smallest birthweight puppies fail to achieve expected adult size.
  • If sold with breeding/show rights, buyer agrees to responsible breeding practices, including waiting until 2 years of age with hip evaluation; exceptional nutrition, staying current on disease prevention and veterinary care, and doing health screens to maintain a healthy genetic base. No guarantee is given that the pup will mature with the characteristic or qualities needed for this endeavor. Buyer of show prospect is aware that we do not remove dewclaws. 
  • If you need to place the animal for any reason after the warranty period, we will take it back with no refund or replacement, and place in a new home. If you place the dog yourself, please inform us of the transaction.
  • Our warranty includes exchange for equivalent value puppy when available, or reimbursement of purchase price within 3 days of pickup only with return of dog or vet statement of death during the warranty period, and only for covered conditions. Return transportation costs are paid by buyer.
  • This warranty does not cover any veterinary expenses after puppy leaves our premises. A veterinary exam is recommended within the first 3 days after purchase to confirm health.
  • Transportation costs will be paid by the Buyer. Costs will be agreed upon between Buyer and Seller prior to delivery, if seller delivers. Any return transportation arrangements for refund in warranty period, or return after warranty period must be made by buyer.

Below is a SAMPLE Puppy Purchase Agreement reflecting price/deposit for pet license (Limited Registration) AKC Bernese Mountain Dog pups. These photos are for reference only, as sire/dam, pricing and some terms will vary depending upon litter and registration type.  Each photo may be selected, opened in a new tab, and enlarged if necessary.