Pony Trail Farm

Dzimianski's ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats and 
AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

Herd Management

We maintain a clean herd, testing annually for TB, Brucellosis, and CAE. Our animals are abscess-free, and the herd is Certified and Accredited, and has consistently tested CAE negative according to the WSU ELISA test. We have attained the status of Scrapie Certified as of November 30, 2005,  and SCRAPIE EXPORT CERTIFIED in 2010.

We dam raise our kids since we feel that this method produces healthier, faster growing kids, and we only maintain negative animals. All of our kids are handled extensively so that we have no behavior problems.  All of our goats have free access to pasture and deciduous forest. Our milkers are also fed alfalfa hay and Southern States Dairy Gold. We administer CD/T, and Rabies vaccinations, and worm as needed according to FAMACHA and fecal egg counts. Antibiotics are given only when necessary. 

Terms of Sale

We require at least 50% deposit (minimum $100) on all goats ordered; $300 on all puppies. When pre-ordering kids before birth, please indicate a second choice in case your kid is not born. In the case that the kid(s) ordered are not born, we will contact you and offer you the choice of another kid or a refund of your deposit. We occasionally will offer milkers or mature bucks for sale. If you are interested in a mature animal, e-mail to inquire about availability. Prices of mature animals are based on performance.

We will deliver within 300 miles for a fee of $2.00 per mile. Kids and puppies may be shipped via airline for $500-$600 including crate in the continental US. Shipping age is 2 months of age for goats, and after 2 months of age for pups. Otherwise, you should arrange to pick up at our farm.

We offer a replacement or refund guarantee in the event a goat tests positive for TB, Brucellosis, Scrapie or CAE within 3 months of leaving our farm. We recommend that any new animals always be isolated for 30 days, and examined before joining the new herd. Puppies carry a money-back guarantee against genetic or congenital defects for 6 months  to 1 year depending on registration type, and 2 years OFA hip guarantee for AKC Full Registration.

Buck Service Policy

Does presented for buck service must be from Certified and Accredited herds, or have tested negative for TB and Brucellosis within the past 30 days. Does must originate from CAE negative herds, and have tested negative for CAE within the past 6 months. All does must be abscess-free. We reserve the right to decline buck service to any doe at our discretion.
For more information about our policies, e-mail us at ponytrailfarm@gmail.com