Pony Trail Farm

Dzimianski's ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats and 
AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs

Learn about our current mature milkers and herd sires here.   See Currently Available ADGA Saanens for individual prices and pictures of available animals. 


GOATS ARE RESERVED WITH NONREFUNDABLE 50% DEPOSIT.  Pricing varies depending on the qualities of each animal. Bucklings are priced at $150-$200 without registration, $250-$300 with ADGA registration application.  Mature proven bucks, if available, are $300 & up. Does and doe kids average $400-$750, depending on genetics, conformation, and potential. Polled animals are sold at an additional $100 when compared with similar animals. 

  • We are Scrapie EXPORT CERTIFIED. All goats sold are guaranteed to be free of CL, CAE, Johnes, TB, Brucellosis and Scrapie at time of sale.  There is a 100% money back guarantee if any of those diseases are diagnosed by an accredited veterinarian within 1 month of sale. (Conditions apply)
  •  Any other infectious or genetic problem causing death within the first 5 days will warrant a replacement when available, with statement of death by veterinarian, if the veterinarian deems the condition preexisting. (Conditions apply)
  •  Goats will be current on CDT vaccine, deworming and hoof-trimming at the time of sale. Internal and external parasite treatments will not be covered after leaving Pony Trail Farm, as parasites are endemic in the South, and have been appropriately treated to date. 
  • SELLER RECOMMENDS THAT GOAT BE QUARANTINED FOR A MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS BEFORE INTERMINGLING WITH HERD for protection of both herds and allow them time to adapt to new environment.  Quarantine location should be clean and not have housed animals carrying CL or other infectious disease during the last 12 months. Failure to do so will VOID the health warranty, due to possible contagion from other animals. It is not uncommon for goats to have gastrointestinal issues due to stress of travel and changes in food and water. 
  • BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE TO INSPECT ANIMAL TO ENSURE SATISFACTION AT PICKUP.  Goats live in a pasture environment, and are exposed to insects, briars, and kids with teeth, all possibly resulting in minimal scratches, abrasions, or bites, which may scab over before healing. If upon inspection the Buyer declines to complete the purchase, they may transfer deposit to another goat when available.   
  • No veterinary expenses will be paid after the animal leaves our farm. 
  • There is a fertility guarantee for breeding animals for the first breeding season only.  The goat will be replaced with one of equal value when available (likely the next kidding season).  Claims must be made by the end of the first breeding season, and the doe or buck in question should have been bred to one with proven fertility. 
  • No guarantee is given to the quality or quantity of milk produced by milking does, doelings sold as future milkers, or offspring of any animal sold.
  •  Premium show animals ($500-up) will be guaranteed not to have any disqualifying genetic defects identified the first year (replacement when available).  
  • Transportation is available within 300 miles at a rate of $2.00 per one-way mile as determined by Google Maps, with a minimum of $100 fee.   
  • "Bottle Babies" should be picked up or delivered within a couple of weeks of reservation, as their dams are often sold separately.  Kids that are reserved from milkers we retain must be picked up or delivered at time of weaning (2 months).  Any reserved kids held beyond two weeks past weaning will be assessed a boarding fee of $25 per week.  Any animals reserved that are not picked up within one month (after weaning or after order for adults) will forfeit deposit and animals will be relisted.  Exceptions may be made with advanced notice of extenuating circumstances. 
  • Animals are sold with ADGA registration papers or completed application, unless requested otherwise.

Our pricing structure for kids is as follows:

Doe kids from SGCH dams that appraise 91 or higher will be listed at $1000.  Buck kids are $500.
Doe kids from SGCH dams that appraise 90 or lower list at $750, with bucklings at $400.
Doe kids with dams that have SG or GCH designations or are mature, established producers are $500, with bucklings at $350. 
Doe kids from first fresheners, or dams that are not yet SG are listed at $400, with bucklings at $250.

POLLED kids will be priced at an additional $100-$200.

Milkers range from $400-$750, depending upon current production, SG or GCH status and appraisal score. Yearling does from SG or SGCH does are priced at $500.  Polled milkers are $500-$950.

Bred does (confirmed pregnancy test) start at $750 each.

For more information about our ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats, contact us at ponytrailfarm@gmail.com

Buck Service Policy

Does presented for buck service must be from Certified and Accredited herds, or have tested negative for TB and Brucellosis within the past 30 days. Does must originate from CAE negative herds, and have tested negative for CAE within the past 6 months. All does must be abscess-free. We reserve the right to decline buck service to any doe at our discretion.