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About Pony Trail Farm

At Pony Trail Farm, we are committed to raising quality health-tested and registered ADGA Saanen Dairy Goats, AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, and AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs. We take pride in our animals and their well-being, and work hard to ensure that they are well cared for and loved. Our farm is located in a beautiful and peaceful setting, providing a healthy and happy environment for our animals to thrive.

What We Do

At Pony Trail Farm, we breed and raise healthy and happy goats and dogs that are well-suited for their intended purpose. We carefully select our breeding stock based on their health, temperament, and conformation to breed standards, and provide them with the best possible care and nutrition. Our goal is to produce animals that are not only beautiful, but also have excellent working ability and make wonderful companions.

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Welcome to
Pony Trail Farm

Pony Trail Farm is located in the rolling hills of beautiful Northeast Georgia, just north of Athens. 

In 1999, we purchased our first disease-free ADGA registered Saanen Dairy Goats, and have learned to love these beautiful, quiet and productive animals.

We maintain a small herd that meets the needs of our family, allowing us to make milking does available for purchase each year. We have been active in the dairy goat industry in our state and on a national level as well. Our herd is Certified, Accredited, and tests negative for CAE. We have been Scrapie Certified since November 30, 2005. We have shown our animals throughout the Southeast and maintain a show quality herd. We have participated in DHI testing and Linear Appraisal and have been pleased with the performance of our animals. 

When we purchased our first goats, we also bought a pair of AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect our herd. We have maintained the bloodlines of our original, faithful guardians throughout the years of breeding, and proven their soundness and health through OFA and Embark Testing. We welcome visitors to meet our Great Pyrenees in Georgia, and see for themselves why we love these dogs.

We have found that Bernese Mountain Dogs perfectly complement the Pyrs, and love life as a family-oriented farm dog. Their temperament makes them very trainable and able to get along well with other dogs. Our AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs in Georgia are DNA tested for genetic disorders, and OFA tested for orthopedic soundness.  

We are conveniently located in Northeast Georgia just 20 minutes from i-85 exits in Jefferson or Commerce, as well as 20 minutes from Athens. For out-of-state visitors, we're an easy hour away from the South Carolina state line, and about 3 hours from Tennessee and Alabama (give or take, depending upon Atlanta!). It's also a relaxing 7-hour drive from Florida.

See our current pony "mascot", Cherokee, who enjoys the company of the goat herd, watch the goat kids bounce around the pasture, and meet our token mutt "Jackie", the farm's "welcoming committee". Admire the faithful Pyrenees, always on the watch for predators, and greet the Bernese Mountain Dogs, who love the excitement of the farm. 

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